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Let your Bounce do your talking...

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 18 Feb 2019
Let your Bounce do your talking...

Now that the darker days of Winter are disappearing, we’re all looking ahead to what’s in store - festivals, holidays, great nights out on the town are all calling so it’s all about getting our bounce on!

We don’t mean your locks though -  we’re talking about some serious attitude!  Obviously your GBH hair can get you some attention, but the whole package of ‘you’ is what makes you stand out so here’s a few tips on putting a spring into your step and not just your hair.

50 Shades of Great

It’s no secret that feeling great starts with your grey matter.  If you’re feeling any shade of grey then no amount of hair gel, beard grooming or guyliner is going to fool anyone.  Your bounce starts with liking yourself and you only need to like one or two things about yourself to lift your spirits enough to feel good again.  People love a good vibe - it’s infectious!  You don’t have to tell anyone what you’re doing either - just decide you like you again, focus on the parts you particularly like and own it.  If you just happen to have the best hair in town too then who are we to comment...

Get Rid of Dirty Habits

No we don’t mean the unsavoury ones that ‘might’ go on behind closed doors but that a couple of good habits go a long way to having you bouncing through your day again.  In the same way that you’ll have perfected the style process of your current ‘do’ your attitude needs the same treatment.  Hair gets washed daily to de-soil and cleanse it before giving it that TLC that you know gets it looking and feeling awesome.

Washing your hair REALLY well just once isn’t going to make it feel amazing for the rest of its life is it?  (even if it is with GBH products!)  Your attitude is no different.  A bad day leaves a residue with us. When you find things that make you feel great, notice them, keep them and get them out when you’re feeling emotionally grubby from a tough day.  Nobody wants to feel as dull as untended to hair do they, so look after your bounce guys!

Put a bit of GBH into your day

So, now you’ve reminded yourself that you’re actually a good guy, it’s time to pack your punch.  Feeling good is addictive once we’re in that groove, so we’re not saying to batter your way through your day, but some things are worth protecting and your new habits are definitely up there.  

Clear some space for you - despite evolving as much as we have, we’re still actually wired like cavemen who had a LOT of cave time.  Create some of this if you like your own space.  If you enjoy your mates, make a point of doing more with them.  And make sure that you notice who has your back.  If you have energy vampires around you, it’s a tough one but they need to go.  Said with love.  Well, maybe a bit…

Be a Rebel

You really can’t be ‘you’ when you’re following all the trends and listening to the masses.  Play with who you are!  Maybe turn the TV off one night, put your favourite music on and go through your wardrobe digging out the clothes you love - most of us wear the same clothes on autopilot.  You can’t feel alive if you’re sleepwalking through your days so let’s disrupt them.  Dig out your favourite clothes and shoes, if you’d feel overdressed and self conscious then maybe just pick one or two to mix in with your regular clothes but enjoy doing your hair and wearing your favourite aftershave.  We promise you though, if you do go the whole hog - when your mates ask what’s got into you, if you tell them you just like feeling awesome in your favourite stuff and you made an effort - they’ll get it! 

If not then maybe they’re one of those vampires in disguise and we know where they go don’t we… toodle pip!

Make some Hot Dates

Finally, it’s hard work staying bouncy if you spend too much time on your tod.  We feel amazing when we’re doing great stuff - getting all dressed up and making that effort lifts us into a place worthy of the effort.  For some reason, we don’t think we’re worth that to stay at home alone so get out guys!  Get your calendar out and plan in ‘looking good’ on a very regular basis.  Even if it’s just a pact with your mates that you’re all going to get your best togs on, do your hair and go out for a Sunday Roast - at the very worst you’ll start a few new conversations with new people.  Regularly GBH your hair and your swagger - it won’t be long before the bounce in your stride is as strong as your GBH hair!

While we’re on the subject of feeling good, the full GBH range is designed to not only look good but they feel and smell great too so are a perfect way of perking you up during your day.   Treat yourself to a sensory treat and order online now.

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