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How Your Grooming And Clothing Show You Mean Business

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 25 Mar 2019
How Your Grooming And Clothing Show You Mean Business

With the Wolf of Wall Street and The Apprentice being popular on our screens, they are the epitome of sharp suits implying the presence of a sharp mind.

That’s probably not what you’re aiming for on a saturday down the pub watching the footy, but even then, how you dress is far more than a fashion statement.

Your appearance gives your secrets away - your personality, values, attitudes, interests, goals etc can all come through in how you dress and carry yourself.

The cliche of ‘cloned professionals’ who take themselves uber seriously can suck the life out of us but there’s definitely something to be said about making a bit more of an effort...

First Class Thinking...

We all know that feeling when we get suited and booted for a special occasion -  if we have made that extra effort we feel fantastic for it.  We're not suggesting that you go all out every day of course - it’s great to throw your slouchies on when you’re ready to chill too, but it is exactly the same principle as the suiting and booting here. 

It all starts with you so if you think you are worth making a bit of an effort for, it will filter through in everything else that you do - from how you value yourself, through to how you walk and talk your way through your day.  If you want to feel that little bit extra special today, start with your clothes and hair.

Feeling Fabulous...

It may seem like it's the same thing as first class thinking but the emphasis here is that making that effort will have you feeling far better than if you didn't.  More to the point though, if life is feeling a bit ‘meh’ at the moment, it’s too easy to slip into a place where you kinda stop caring so much about your self care.

Whether it's a case of ‘fake it till you make it’ or simply a way of cheering yourself up, stepping up a notch with your appearance will really help to lift yourself on the greyest of days.

Not only will you have achieved something that day by getting yourself looking sharp, you’ve taken control of the start of your day instead of it taking control of you.  

The compound effect of this is pretty powerful too, because once we’ve completed one thing, we tend to want to move onto another and it creates a great momentum which you’ll not want to waste.  Start as you mean to go on and all that..

Best Intentions…

Talking of fake it until you make it, if you know you’re going to make an effort, even if for no particular reason, you’re setting an intention to step up.  Whether it’s for an interview or an occasion which requires you to smarten up, or simply that you want to feel better today, you’re making a deliberate choice and change in your behaviour.

It’s a bit like segmenting your day, or drawing a line in the sand.  You’re saying ‘that was then, this is now’ and your clothes will make that statement far more clearly than a half-hearted decision.  If you’re smartening up for work for instance, it gets noticed so you’ll feel much more like you’re playing the part of someone who makes an effort, rather than just going through the motions.

Stand Out In a Crowd…

Rightly or wrongly, appearances matter and you are definitely judged on your appearance.

Whether you care about this or not is a different matter of course but you’ll never avoid it happening.

They say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression, so if you do have an interview or special occasion to go to, make sure  your appearance matches how you want to be seen.  Look at yourself through other people’s eyes to see how you are perceived by others.

For instance, if you are looking to get promoted at work, being seen as someone who regularly makes an effort with their appearance shows a reliability and presence which will serve you well by the time the interviews come round.

Nobody is saying you need to be in Savile Row suits every day, but if you’re naturally creative for instance, making an effort will mean that little pieces of your personality make it into your grooming and outfits and people start to really get a feel for who you are underneath it all.

An Expert Opinion…

Last but not least, go for professional grooming regularly.  Having your hair cut, your beard groomed or maybe even a professional shave are all ways of saying to yourself that you’re worth investing in.  It’s also a great way of getting advice on any changes you may be looking to make to give you more confidence about your choices.

Planning an entirely different hair style for instance can be a really effective way of injecting some energy into your appearance and behaviour.  People notice so it instigates conversations and interaction - it shows the world that you take pride in your appearance and you like to pack a little punch occasionally.

Talking of packing a punch, all of the products in our GBH range are salon quality and will add to your ‘feel good’ arsenal so take a look here at how you’re going to do your damage with a killer hairstyle that lasts the day...

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