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How To Overcome Common Problems When Growing Your Beard

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 11 Mar 2019
How To Overcome Common Problems When Growing Your Beard

Whilst beards are no longer reserved for just the cavemen amongst us, you must have been living in a cave to have not noticed just how popular beards have become.

There was a time when beards were predominantly in one of two camps...

Camp One contained the hunter-gatherer types who would make Bear Grylls look as groomed as Prince Charming and conjured up images of arriving home with a deer over their shoulder.

Camp Two wouldn’t look out of place in the white lab-coat and sandals they selected before opting-out of any style compliance that may have rudely dared to have crossed their path.

Either way, we’re pleased to see that those days are LONG gone and the beards are receiving as much grooming love as the hairstyles are now.

Which is why we knew there needed to be a GBH offering for beards too - it wasn’t an option to leave you so facially exposed when all things hairy are our forte.

Before developing the GBH Tamer - Beard Oil we thoroughly researched exactly what you needed for your masculine magnificence and here’s the most common beard banes you might be up against...

Patchy Beard

It’s easy to become impatient once you’ve decided you want to grow a beard.  Checking growth progress in the mirror daily isn’t going to help at all and one comment coming from bearded newbies is that their beard is patchy.  

This is really common and whilst applying your beard oil will help, sadly this one mainly needs some good old patience!  Usually, by around the 2-3 month mark, most beard patches will have started to fill in though so it’s not an eternity guys.

Stimulation of the skin may help growth too so when you use GBH Tamer oil, massage the whole beard area well.  The combination of the skin enhancing ingredients and the massaging action will aid blood flow which in turn will help with growth.

Dry Skin Under Beard

With the best will in the world, you can’t grow a great beard without nourishing the skin underneath it.  It’s a bit like papering over the cracks and believe us - you’ll notice the cracks big time!

The skin underneath will need tending to, as it ultimately dictates the quality of the hair growth.  Dry, itchy skin will produce dandruff and flaked-skin which is visible in your beard and will look pretty unsightly.

GBH Tamer contains ingredients such as Avocado oil which moisturises and nourishes the skin and Aloe Vera which also moisturises but is a naturally gentle exfoliator too to keep those dead cells at bay.

Itchy Beard

This one is enough to make the toughest of men want to shave the whole lot off! But that needn’t be the case as this is definitely a fixable problem.  The itching will come from a few factors - the biggest usually being that the skin underneath the beard isn’t being moisturised.  As with the dry skin issues, the process of rubbing your GBH oil into your beard well will moisturise the skin as well as stimulate the skin’s healthy growth.

As crazy as it sounds, ensure you are grooming your beard as soon as it starts to grow too.  This will keep the beard free of debris from dead skin and the air, reducing the risk of skin irritations.

Unruly Growth

As with the hair on your scalp, facial hair can have its own growth patterns too which can be pretty inconvenient if you’re after a more uniform beard.  Getting into the habit of rubbing GBH Tamer into your beard and following the direction you’d like the hair to grow in, will take effect after a while, especially once the beard is long enough to start shaping.

Make sure you also brush your facial hair regularly, as this will remove debris as well as tame the hair and give it a clearer definition.  Brushing the beard once you’ve applied your Tamer oil will give you a shiny, healthy looking well tamed beard which is exactly what the style doctor ordered!

Beard Style

Last but definitely not least is the beard style you’re going to go for.  In the same way that you need to factor in your face shape when choosing a haircut, this is no different. You’ll need to look at face shape, hair style and your colouring to see if the final effect will suit you.

You’ll also need to look at your lifestyle too to ensure you have the time for your new grooming regime.

Finally you’ll need to factor in your confidence.  

It’s not about what you’re doing, it’s how you carry it off. Whilst it’s nobody else’s business how you decide to style yourself, if you do care whether others take the michael when you make any changes, you might struggle to defend your ZZ Top beard and Beckham sarong combo this summer! We say be happy with your choice and go for it my friend!

So there you have it.  Can you see now why we knew you needed us?  With moisturising qualities and natural oils, GBH Tamer will have your beard looking marvellously magnificent whilst nurturing the skin underneath. Here’s where you can order it online along with any of the GBH range of salon quality products...

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