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Five Things About Caffeine Shampoo You Need To Know

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 25 Feb 2019
Five Things About Caffeine Shampoo You Need To Know

With the onslaught of information hitting us daily, it’s hard to know where to start when choosing our health or grooming regime.  Our theory is that if you know a little about why your products contain their ingredients, you’ll have at least a semblance of a clue on whether it’s a fit for you.

Here’s five things you may not have known about caffeine shampoo...

Using Caffeine Shampoo Could Help To Limit Hair Loss

We’re always being blasted on why the latest ‘in-fashion’ products are best for you. But, there’s actually some method to the caffeine-based madness we often hear about. One of the main villains in hair loss is a hormone called DHT - dihydrotestosterone if you’re interested. DHT is the super-baddie which attaches itself to hair follicles and inhibits their absorption of the essential nutrients which are needed for healthy hair growth. 

Caffeine has a superpower which… Okay so it doesn’t actually have a superpower, but what it does do is limit DHT’s ‘clinging ability’ so that the hair can absorb the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to complete their growth process.  As all of this is taking part in the roots, the hair coming through is much stronger and healthier than when DHT was sucking all the life out of it!

We think that’s pretty super but maybe we’re a little biased as it’s in our GBH Energy Boost Caffeine Thickening Shampoo but hey - don’t just take our word for it!

Using Caffeine Shampoo Could Speed Up Hair Growth

Not only does our superhero caffeine target DHT, but it has also been shown in research to speed up the hair growth cycle.  Research conducted by Dr. Tobias Fischer revealed that caffeine speeds up the hair growth cycle which increased the length of hair by an extra 33-40%.

The white-coated experts’ tests show that if you’re trying to get that man-bun to hurry up, you should “Call in the Caffeine!” 

Caffeine Shampoo Helps Your Hair Feel Stronger and Healthier

What next we hear you cry?  How could superhero caffeine possibly trump this with your locks looking safer than ever?  Well, read on my friend.

Superhero caffeine also does an amazing job of protecting the territory of the previously vulnerable hair follicles.  Also known as protecting the scalp. Caffeine is known to help increase blood circulation to the scalp which promotes healthy hair follicles. Directly massaging caffeine based hair products onto the scalp aids the scalp’s blood circulation and stimulates the roots.

The hair follicles will now grow faster, healthier and stronger thanks to the villainous DHT being nowhere to be seen. Additionally there’ll be a lush landscape for them to thrive through all of the extra nutrients and minerals now able to reach them through the enhanced blood supply.

Caffeine Is As Good For Your Beard As It Is For Your Hair

If you’re donning a beard or growing any facial hair, using caffeine-based products on your ‘facial fur’ will provide exactly the same benefits as it will on your scalp. 

The beard follicles grow strong in the absence of the DHT strangulation methods!

The skin supporting the now gorgeous facial fur is lush due to nourishment of the goodies able to reach it.

Caffeine Shampoo Is Healthier For Your Diet

No guys - we’re not saying to drink it! But obviously caffeine is usually consumed rather than applied topically.  Daily espressos, hazelnut lattes, tea or chocolate…  We now all know that caffeine in moderation is good for us. 

All the benefits our superhero covered - they can still reach us through our diet containing the caffeine and getting into our digestive process and blood supply. 

It’s uncertain though quite how much you’d need to consume in order for the follicle stimulating amounts to reach your scalp.  Too much caffeine can also have adverse effects on our diet such as limiting our nutrient absorption. Everything in moderation is sound advice.

If you want higher amounts to reach your scalp and follicles when massaged in directly, use GBH Energy Boost Caffeine Thickening Shampoo. This will give your hair the caffeine hit that it needs without you having the energy spike and crash that consuming it would bring!

You can try Energy Boost for yourself here. Order some today.

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