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Be Ready For These 5 Hair Trends Due This Summer

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 04 Mar 2019
Be Ready For These 5 Hair Trends Due This Summer

One of the reasons we love hair so much here at GBH is because it’s one way of letting the world know just who you are.  To entirely change your wardrobe would cost a small fortune, but in less time than a game of footy, and less money than watching it live, a decent stylist and some GBH could kickstart a whole new look!

Here’s 5 looks we know are going to be making a strong appearance this summer...

The Textured Crop

Depending on your age, you’ll have seen fringes make their appearance in the 90’s pretty unsuccessfully!  But if you get the ethos of ‘I got out of bed looking like this’ into your head you’re halfway there.  If you actually do get out of bed with slightly unruly hair, this style is perfect as your natural kink or curl to your hair will do your styling for you.

Ask your stylist for a high and sharp fade, leaving plenty on top to get your fingers and product through.  We’d suggest GBH Clay Man - for a matt, easily ruffled low fuss finish.

The Undercut Quiff

If you’re sporting a quiff, it will have made a statement way before you’ve said a word. From the 80’s Wolves of Wall Street through to the Lumberjack Lout look it’s done the rounds.  This one doesn’t say ‘I’ve just got up’ though - it’s clearly one that offers a bit more bravado saying you’re worth the extra effort.

Quiffs of old were so full of product you’d lose your hands in them, but this one is all about a great quality undercut.  Asking your stylist to taper off the neck and sides with a clipper grade zero disconnecting the sides from the top, creates an awesomely blunt contrast in length.  We’d then recommend the GBH XXL - Dust to Wax as it will give your quiff that boost of bravado it needs!

The Buzz Cut

This has to be one of the easiest cuts you can go for and it never fails to make an appearance.  Crazily easy to manage.

But, and we say this with love… not everyone can carry this look off.  You don’t want your own ‘do’ to be a hair raising experience for others!  Before you get the clippers out, really take note of your facial features because once the deed is done - your hiding place is all over the floor!

Spend a while in a mirror paying attention to your features.  Scrape your hair back and hold it away from your face staying like this for while so you’ll know how you’ll feel without it. We’d also suggest giving your head a once over too.  Feel it for lumps and bumps as you’ll be surprised at just how uniform a head needs to be to sport this look. And no guys, we don’t mean an orange jumpsuit type of uniform.

Whilst product isn’t the main feature of this style, a healthy scalp is, so we’d definitely suggest GBH Energy Boost - Caffeine Thickening Shampoo as it’s great for the blood circulation to the scalp.  If you’d like to add a little shine to your buzz cut too, try GBH Slick Man Styling Pomade.

The Tapered High & Tight

This cut is almost like man’s best friend. You really can’t go wrong with it as it’s the modern take on the short back and sides.  It’s the perfect way to make a statement when faffing with your hair is the last thing you want to be doing.

This cut is about the product and the cut doing the work, not you.  It’s the ultimate style for a great stylist to show off his skills so trust us when we say - don’t skimp on the stylist!  Get a poor haircut and you’ll be using a lot of product and time trying to rescue it every time you go out!

Ask your stylist for the tapered high and tight fade with a compact crop on top and run some GBH Texture Man through for texture and separation.

The Messy Man Bob

Think grunge, a tousled Johnny Depp and you’re in the right ball-park. Actually - we say ball-park but surf scene is probably closer to the mark.  With this style you’re probably aiming for a look of being super chilled and not into walking the same walks as the masses, but again it’s another style where the quality of the cut does the leg work, not you.

You want to say ‘grunge’, not ‘grubby’ so a few days of product in your hair isn’t the way forward with this look guys! Slightly messy, mid-shoulder length hair with a few well-placed layers cut into it by your stylist to frame the features of your face are perfect for that ‘not too much effort’ kudos.

Spray your clean, wet hair with GBH Max Texture - Sea Salt Spray and your styling work is done.

Check out the GBH range for your perfect styling partner in crime...

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