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4 Steps To Create The Perfect Pompadour

Written By grievousbodilyhair Admin 18 Mar 2019
4 Steps To Create The Perfect Pompadour

The pompadour. Even the name sounds impressive. This hairstyle will make you stand out for the right reasons and get admiring looks wherever you go. It’s not the easiest of styles to perfect but with a bit of know-how and the right product you can create the “Iconic” pompadour look. It takes a little practice allowing for your hair thickness, length and curl factor but you’ll soon learn the best height and sleekness you should opt for.

The good news is that hair has a memory, so once you’ve styled this a few times, it will be easier to style.  We’re here to help though guys, so here’s a walkthrough of the perfect pompadour process...

1. Shower And Shampoo Routine

The first step of your perfect pompadour starts in the shower - over conditioned hair affects how you can style it making it too light to work with. We’d recommend using GBH Energy Boost Caffeine Shampoo daily and a conditioner no more than every three washes.

Once out of the shower, comb your hair with a perfect side parting and leave it to dry until it’s half as damp as after your shower - around 5-10 minutes.

The hair has had time to settle into place now so towel dry until it’s only slightly damp.

2. How to Apply Your Product

The perfect Pompadour needs a pomade as the wax base will tame out of place hairs whilst increasing the thickness of the strands so your partner in crime here is GBH Slick Man Styling Pomade.

Don’t overdo it with the pomade though - just a dab of product on the end of your index finger is plenty. Dab the pomade into the middle of your palms and rub it together without getting it between your fingers to evenly coat only the “face” of your hand.

You now need to apply the pomade to your hair using straight back motions - you’re aiming to coat only the top of the hair with most of the pomade remaining only on the surface.  Once you’ve done this 6-12 times from front to back only, the remaining pomade needs to be applied in a forward motion. This will work the pomade to the under hairs and prevent any stray hairs escaping during styling.

3. Find Your Natural Parting

Finding where your parting is located is vital to the perfect pompadour.  Every parting is different with different hair, hairlines and head shapes affecting parting locations. Heads which are more rounded tend to have a higher parting whereas a more squared head shape usually has a lower parting.

One way to find your natural parting is once you’ve applied product to your hair to comb your hair straight back with a fine toothed comb and leave it.  There is usually a place where the hair starts to fall in opposite directions so you can then run the point of the comb down this line and push hairs in opposites directions away from the natural line.

4. Styling Your Pompadour

The final and most important step is styling the actual pompadour as this ultimately dictates how it looks. Your hair should now be ready for styling, feeling thick with how you’ve applied the pomade, slightly damp and parted with a messy side parting.

There are now 4 styling steps to style the perfect pompadour...

1. Organise your hair according to how it has been cut, moving along the parting you have already created earlier and combing your hairs in the natural direction they fall.

2. Comb the higher hairs in a diagonal direction with the comb, following with your other hand to push down any stray hairs.  Don’t press down as this will make it hard to achieve any volume.

3. To really create the volume you need, place one hand in the middle of your head and push your hair slightly forward.  At the same time comb the front of your hair straight up to create the height at the front.

4. Finally, comb both sides backwards as close to the centre of your head as possible. This gives the pompadour a perfectly streamlined look to finish it off.

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